How to Upscale Images Using Real-ESRGAN Model for Free

How to Upscale Images Using Real-ESRGAN Model

So many AI tools available for photos, videos, Audio, Writing, Coding, and designing, to enhance your productivity. However, if you’re looking for a Free AI tool to upscale your images. Then, you will be amazed after trying Real-ESRGAN to enhance your images. With it, you can upscale your images up to 10X.

What is Real-ESRGAN?

It is basically an image super-resolution algorithm, which is based on the ESRGAN. Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network known as ESRGAN. You can use it to enhance the image resolution and quality of any low-resolution images. Undoubtedly, Images generated through Real-ESRGAN are visually more appealing and contain finer details. Now, it even offers face correction, so it works quite well on human images.

Real-ESRGAN is trained on real-world photographs. That’s why, images upscaled through it look quite realistic. Many applications are using Real-ESRGAN to upscale compressed or lower resolutions photos.

How to use Real-ESRGAN to Upscale Images?

Since Real-ESRGAN is an open-source project. That’s why, you can set up a Python enviourement with specific dependencies for it. This will enable you to run Real-ESRGAN on Windows or Mac computers. Yes, it also provides some pre-trained models. Which you can use for super-resolution.

However, if you want to try Real-ESRGAN without going through the complicated process. Then, you can use Replicate, which lets you run AI machine-learning models with a few lines of code. Yes, you can try Real-ESRGAN on Replicate for free to convert Low-Resolution Images to High-Resolution Images.

How to Upscale Images using Real-ESRGAN Model on Replicate.

  1. First, open the Replicate Real-ESRGAN webpage. And, do click on Sign In from the upper right corner of the screen.
  1. The “Sign in with GitHub” screen will appear. Click on it.
Sign in with GitHub
  1. Next, enter your GitHub account details, and click on Sign In. You can also create an account on GitHub if you don’t have any.
  1. Once you complete the sign-in process it will ask you to authenticate.
Authenticate Replicate
  1. Once you complete the authentication process. Click on the Bin icon below the demo image to remove it.
Remove Demo Image from Real-ESRGAN
  1. After removing the demo image, click on “Drop a file or click to select”.
Drop a file or click to select
  1. Now, do select a low-resolution image from your Computer. And, click on Open.
  1. After that, use the slider and select between 1-10 on the Scale.
  1. Do select the “face_enhance” option, if it’s a human image. And, click on Submit.
Enhance Face and Upscale Image
  1. Now, wait for the output process to get complete. Yes, it will take some time, so keep patience. It took 24 seconds to enhance a dog’s image.
  1. You will also get the download and share option once the image gets generated.
  1. Since I added a 1200×1197 resolution image. It converted it into 12000×11970 resolution because I selected 10 in upscale.

“Not enough memory available to process your request” Error.

Yes, you will face this error if your image is too much complicated. I tried upscaling the “Iron Man with gauntlet” image. But, Real-ESRGAN Model was keep giving me the same error. After that, I tried a normal human and a dog image, and it worked flawlessly. So, if you’re facing this error, then just replace the image.