How to Watch Amazon miniTV on Android TV

How to Watch Amazon Mini TV on Android TV

A while ago, Amazon released a new streaming service called Mini TV. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Indian users, and there’s no app available for it. This means Android and iOS users can watch miniTV from within the Amazon shopping app. Or, can open Amazon miniTV website in the mobile browser. But, if you want to watch miniTV on your Smart TV. Then, there is no such direct way available.

Because Amazon Shopping App is not available on Android TV’s Play Store. And, even if try to sideload Amazon App on Android TV, that will also not work. But still, there are some workarounds to stream Amazon Mini TV on Smart TV or Streaming Devices.

Watch Amazon miniTV on Android Smart TV

If you want to watch Amazon Mini TV on any Android TV. Then, you have to sideload an Android Mobile Browser on Android TV. Yes, I tried to install a couple of browsers from the TV Play Store. But, not any app helped to access miniTV content. Because all Android TV web browser works like a computer web browser. And, to watch Amazon Mini TV on PC, you have to use certain extensions. Which is not possible to do on Android TV.

Well, thankfully, by sideloading Google Chrome or Firefox Android APK, you can stream mini TV. But, you need to plug a wireless/wired mouse into your Android TV. Because you cannot navigate without a mouse. Okay, so without a further a do, let’s get started.


  • A Computer/USB OTG Supported Android Device (To download APK file and transfer into USB Storage Drive.)
  • USB Drive (To sideload browser apps to PC)
  • Wired/Wireless Mouse (To easily navigate Amazon Mini TV Content.)
  • Wired/Wireless Keyboard (Optional, you can use your TV remote to type.)
  1. First, download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Android APK. (Since Firefox takes less storage, so, I will recommend downloading it.)
  1. Once, Mozilla Firefox APK gets downloaded, do transfer it into USB Drive.
  1. Connect USB Drive to Android TV. You will see a popup on your screen to access USB Storage. If not then do check your TV settings, and Google it.
Insert USB Drive to Android TV
  1. Select Firefox APK using your TV Remote. If you’re installing third-party apps on your TV the first time. Then, your TV will ask you to allow unknown apps permission. You have to give this permission to the media player.
Select Firefox APK on Android TV to Install
  1. Once, you allow unknown source permission, you will be prompt to install Mozilla Firefox. Do select the Install option.
Install Firefox Browser on Android TV to Watch Amazon Mini TV

The installation process might take time as per APK size.

  1. Once, APK gets installed, select the open option to open Firefox Browser on TV.
Open Firefox App on Android TV
  1. Once, Firefox gets open, select theme and toolbar position through remote.
Select Firefox Theme and Toolbar Position
  1. Now, connect a USB or wireless Mouse to your PC. And, go to the address bar and type “Mini TV” on Google.
Search for Amazon Mini TV on Firefox
  1. Now, from Google search results, do select the official Amazon Mini TV website through a mouse pointer.
Open Amazon Mini TV Website in Android TV firefox
  1. That’s it, now do play anything on Amazon Mini TV. Videos will take a minute to play based on your internet speed. You can select the full-screen option using Mouse. And, the video quality will get increased automatically.
Watch Amazon Mini TV Content on Android TV

So, that’s how you can watch Amazon Mini TV on your Android Smart TV. If you know any better browser you can let us know in the comment.

How to open Sideloaded Android Apps

After sideloading Firefox, you won’t able to find it on your Android TV home screen. Well, you have to go through certain settings to access it.

  1. First, go to your Android TV home screen and do select the settings icon.
Open Android TV Settings
  1. Select Apps from Android TV Settings.
Open All Apps List in Android Smart TV
  1. After that, scroll down and select “See All Apps”.
  1. Scroll down and select “Show System Apps”.
  1. Now scroll down and do find the Firefox app and select it.
Open Firefox App to Watch Mini TV
  1. Select the Open option to launch sideloaded Firefox App.
Open Sideloaded Firefox App

Watch Mini TV on Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick is one of the best streaming devices by Amazon. It lets you convert your old TV into a smart TV. Fire TV Stick is a plug-and-play device. This means, you just have to plug Fire TV Stick into an HDMI port of your TV. And, you can enjoy Mini TV Content on your TV without any hassle.

Watch Amazon Mini TV on Fire TV Stick

Yes, since the Mini TV streaming service is by Amazon. So, on Fire TV Stick you can easily browse Mini TV Content. Without installing any Amazon shopping app or using a browser. Amazon Mini TV content is embedded in Fire TV Stick.

Search for Amazon Mini TV Shows on Fire TV Stick

This means you can directly search for Mini TV Content using your Alexa-enabled remote. Or, you can even browse Mini TV Content directly from Fire TV Stick’s homepage. Once, you select a Mini TV show from Fire TV Stick. In the “customers also watched” section, you will find more Mini TV Shows to watch. Yes, you can also add Amazon Mini TV Shows to your Watchlist.

That’s it, so that’s how you can watch Amazon Mini TV on your Android TV or Fire TV Stick. If you’re using any other streaming device. Then, you just have to sideload a mobile browser on the streaming device. And after that, you can easily access Mini TV content through your keyboard and mouse.