Install Custom Discord Themes and Plugins: Step by Step Guide

Want to Install Custom Discord Themes and Plugins to make Discord look attractive?. Then, this article will help you to do so.

Discord doesn’t need any introduction, it offers so many features through servers. But since the Discord Windows App launched, there aren’t many changes in terms of App theme and appearance. Yes, you can switch between light and dark themes and also can set custom font sizes. But, there isn’t any option available to change the Discord App background. You can install Discord bots on your server to run the server on auto mode. But, the Discord client still lacks so many features from the client side. If you want to install custom discord skins/themes and plugins, now you can do so with BetterDiscord. Moreover, now you can send large videos on Discord.

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is a kind of third-party extension for the Discord Windows App. It offers client-side modification for Discord users. This means you can install themes and plugins on your personal copy of Discord. Themes and Plugins will not get applied to your discord server. By that I mean, that only you will be able to see changes in the discord app. Natively BetterDiscord also offers some built-in features like Emotes from Twitch, FFZ, and BBTV, and an in-client server browser.

BetterDiscord offers a large collection of themes and plugins. These custom themes can change the look and feel of Discord. And with Discord Plugins, you can add so many useful features and functionality to your Discord Windows App. If you use the Discord App quite often, plugins such as translator, SpotifyControls, CallTimeCounter, BetterVolume, and others will definitely come in handy.

Is BetterDiscord Allowed and Safe to Install?

Since Better Discord is not officially associated with the official Discord App. That’s why using the BetterDiscord app can harm your Discord Account. And, as you can see Discord posted about BetterDiscord on Twitter from their official Account. But, if you really want to try BetterDiscord. Then, you can do so from a temporary Discord Account.

Note: This article is just for informative purposes. We don’t promote violation of Discord Terms of service. We are using CSS and JSON files to change discord themes and install plugins.

How to Install Custom Discord Themes using BetterDiscord


  • The latest version of the Discord App for Windows
  • BetterDiscord
  • Custom CSS Discord Theme File

Download and Install BetterDiscord for Discord Windows App.

  1. First, do download the latest version of BetterDiscord from its official website.
Download BetterDiscord
  1. Right-click on the “BetterDiscord-Windows.exe” file and run it as administrator.
  1. BetterDiscord setup window will now appear. Do accept the license agreement and click on Next.
Enable BetterDiscord License Agreement
  1. From choose action window, select the “Install BetterDiscord” option and click on next.
Install BetterDiscord App to Customize Discord App
  1. Next, the software will ask you to choose your Discord App. And, click on Install.
Choose Discord Versions to install BetterDiscord Extension

This will install BetterDiscord in the Discord Windows App. (Do install Discord first, if you haven’t. BetterDiscord is a kinda plugin for the Discord app, it’s not a modded discord app.)

  1. That’s it, now wait for the installation process to get completed. Once it gets done, click on Close.
BetterDiscord Installation Completed

BetterDiscord app is now successfully installed in your system. Now, it’s time to download and install a custom Discord theme.

Download Custom Theme for Discord.

BetterDiscord has a large developer community, where developers create and share custom themes for Discord. So, you can choose the best theme for your Discord App. If you’re confused about which theme to install then you can click on theme and then you can click on Preview. This will help you to find which theme is suitable for you. Although, ClearVision, Dark Matter, Discord+, and FluentDiscord are highly customizable and are the best discord themes.

Download BetterDiscord Themes

Download Theme from Github (Alternative)

Apart from the BetterDiscord theme collection, you can download themes from Github. Search for discord themes and you will find many. Personally, I was able to find the “FluentDiscord” theme through Github. You can also download the same theme CSS file if you want.

Download Fluent Discord Theme to Install Theme in Discord App

Move Discord Custom Themes in the BetterDiscord Themes folder.

After installing BetterDiscord and a custom discord theme. It’s time to move the theme file to the themes folder. So that, you can easily enable/disable themes through Discord.

  1. Open the Discord App, and click on the User Settings Icon.
  1. After that scroll down from the left pane, and you will find the BetterDiscord section.
  1. Click on Themes > Open Themes Folder.
Open Themes Folder to transfer Discord themes files to install
  1. BetterDiscord themes folder will now get open in File Explorer. Now, move all downloaded Discord to that folder. You can drag and drop directly if you want to.
Move Discord Themes in Themes folder to Install

Install or Enable Discord Custom Themes.

Okay, now it’s time to enable custom Discord Themes on Windows 11.

  1. Do open the theme page again from Discord User Settings.
  1. And, this time you will find all themes that you have moved in the BetterDiscord themes folder.
  1. By enabling the toggle switch next to the theme name, you can use any theme you want. Just don’t enable two themes at once.
Enable Fluent Discord Theme - Install Custom Discord Themes
  1. If you want to disable or uninstall the Discord Custom Theme. Then, simply disable the toggle switch next to the theme. Changes will get applied immediately.

If you have installed the ClearVision theme and if you want to customize it. Then, use the Theme Editor before downloading the theme. With Theme Editor first, you can customize the theme then you can download your own customize discord theme version. You cannot customize the theme after downloading and installing it. Yes, if you’re an experienced web developer, then you can do so. Moreover, now you can Generate AI Art on Discord, by adding MidJourney Bot to the Discord Server.

How to Install Custom Discord Plugins.

Download Discord Plugins

Like themes, BetterDiscord also offers a large collection of Discord Plugins. Plugins files will be in JSON file format.

Download Discord Plugins

Move Discord Plugins in BetterDiscord Folder and Enable Plugins.

  1. Do open the Discord app again, and click on the gear icon to open User Settings.
  1. After that scroll down from the left pane, and navigate to the BetterDiscord section.
  1. Click on Plugins, and after that, do click on “Open Plugins Folder”.
Open Plugin Folder to Transfer Plugins files
  1. BetterDiscord Plugins folder will get open. Move all downloaded plugins files inside that folder.
Transfer Discord Plugins in Plugins folder
  1. Now once again open the Plugins section of BetterDiscord. And, you will find all the moved Plugins.
  1. Now enable the toggle switch next to the Plugin name to activate the plugin.
Install or Enable Discord Plugins using BetterDiscord

That’s it, the plugin will get activated immediately. By using this method, now you can install any custom discord plugin from BetterDiscord. If with discord, you also use the steam client for games. Then, good news, now you can Install Custom Steam Skins on Windows 11.