Develop Convert Text to Audio Android App – Complete Guide with Code

Text To Audio App

Do you want to develop a Convert Text to Audio Android App? Then, this article will help you to create such an App.

Google Assistant comes with a hidden text-to-speech feature. You can access this feature by saying “Hey Google, what’s on screen, please read aloud”. And, Google will instantly convert text to an audiobook. You can even select the voice and choose playback speed. Even, Android device comes with a talkback feature to provide a hands-free experience.

Text To Audio Android App

You can use TextToSpeech to create an Android App. In addition, you can add playback speed control as well. To make the App more advanced, you can add a recording feature in the App. No matter whether you know to code or not. This article will help you to create a Convert Text to Audio Android App on Android Studio. Yes, I have provided all the necessary code in the article.

And, you will surprise to know that, this App is developed using ChatGPT. Yes, you can now add ChatGPT Extension to Visual Studio Code.

Develop Text To Audio App in Android Studio.

Create New Project for the App

  1. Use the following link and download the latest version of Android Studio.
  1. Run the setup and install Android Studio on your Computer. And, go through the Android Studio Initial Setup process. You can check out our “Convert Website into Android App” article for complete steps.
  1. Welcome to Android Studio Window will appear, do click on New Project.
  1. Select “Empty Activity” in the New Project window and click on Next.
New Empty Activity
  1. Next, replace MyApplication with your App Name.
  1. Select Java Language and keep API 24 selected. Click on Finish.
Enter App Name
  1. Android Studio window will now open. A tip window will appear to close it. Now, just wait for the new project to load.

Steps to Develop the Text To Audio App.

To make the process simple. I have created a Zip File of all code files. Do download it.

  1. Once the Android Studio project gets loaded completely. You will see by default the file will get open. Copy the file code and paste it into Android Studio.
Text To Audio Main Activity Java Code
  1. After that, click on the activity_main.xml file and click on the code from the right side of Android Studio.
  1. That’s it, now copy the activity_main code and paste it inside the activity_main.xml file.
Text To Audio App Design
  1. From the left pane, do double-click on manifests. And, the AndroidManifest.xml file will get open.
  1. Copy the AndroidManifest code and paste it inside the AndroidManifest.xml file.
Android Manifest File Code
  1. Now, we have to create a style file. From the left pane, double-click on res > values.
  1. Right-click on Values. Click on New > Values resource file.
Create Value Resource File
  1. In the File name, type styles.xml and click on ok.
create styles.xml file
  1. Once the styles.xml file gets created. Do copy and paste your styles.xml code into it.
Android App Styles Code
  1. Now, from the left pane, click on strings.xml. Copy the strings file code and paste it inside the strings.xml file.
Text To Audio App Strings Code
  1. Next, from the left pane, double-click on Gradle Scripts. And, after that, click on build.gradle (Module:app).
build gradle app file
  1. Now, just copy the following line and paste it inside the dependencies section.
implementation 'commons-io:commons-io:2.11.0'
add app dependencies
  1. Now, In Android Studio, Click on File > Sync Project with Gradle Files.
Sync Project with Gradle Files
  1. That’s it, now click on the activity_main.xml file. And, click on Design from the right side. And, you will able to see your App design.

Now, it’s time to build an APK of the App. Yes, you can connect your smartphone via Wireless debugging and can run apps on your smartphone. Or, you can use AVD Manager to build the app.

Build Text To Audio App APK and Install the App

  1. To build an APK of the Text To Audio App. Click on Build > Build Bundle (s) /APK (s) > Build APK (s).
  1. Android Studio will now start building your web app. And, you will see APK generated successfully message, at the bottom left corner of the Android Studio screen.
  1. Yes, you can open the notification tab of Android Studio by clicking on the notifications option from the right corner.
  1. Click on Locate from the small notification window. And, file explorer will get open. You will find your Text To Audio App with the “app-debug.apk” name. You can move that file to your desktop, so you can easily access it. And, you can rename the file as well.
  1. Do connect your Android Phone through USB. And, transfer the APK file to your Android Smartphone.
  1. Open the APK file in your Android and tap on Install. Make sure unknown source permission is enabled.
Install Convert Text to Audio Android App
  1. If you’re using the latest Android, you will get a popup window that is Blocked by Play Protect. Just tap on Install Anyway.
  1. Next, send app for scanning window will appear, tap on Don’t Send.
  1. That’s it, App will now get open. And, it will ask for record audio permission, tap on Allow.
Allow Recording Permission to TextToAudio App
  1. Alternatively, you can install this App on Windows 11. For that, do install Amazon AppStore with WSA and Sideload Android App.

Note: Make sure your device has an internet connection. Since this app required downloading language.

How to use Text To Audio App.

  1. By default, the app will use your device’s TTS language. You can tap on Default and choose your preferred language.
Install a Language in Text To Audio App
  1. If Langauge isn’t installed, Google TTS Voice Data will get open. And, the language will start downloading.
  1. You can also choose voices by tapping on the language in Google TTS Voice Data.
Select a voice model in Convert Text to Audio Android App
  1. Once you select voice and language. Go back to the app by tapping on the back arrow on the screen.
  1. Now, type or paste any text in the text box. And, use the slider to choose speaking speed. After that, tap on Speak Text.
  1. That’s it, App will convert Text to Audio. You can also hit the Record button to record the audio.
  1. And, once the recording gets completed, you can click on Stop Recording.
Record Audio in Convert Text to Audio Android App
  1. And, the app will show where the recording is stored. To record audio, you can use any third-party internal audio recorder app as well. So, that’s how you can create a Convert Text to Audio Android App.

Note: You can add more features to the app, by asking questions to ChatGPT. Because this app is developed with the help of ChatGPT.