macOS Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts List to Increase Productivity

macOS Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts List

The new macOS Ventura offers so many new features and apps. Like, Freeform, Continuity camera, Stage Manager, iPhone & iPad App Support, iCloud Shared Photo Library, PassKeys, Handoff in Facetime, and a new Game Centre. Even, Apple has revamped its settings App. And, to use these features efficiently, Apple introduced some new Keyboard Shortcuts. And, if you’re a new Mac user, then you might be unaware of basic macOS Keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, there are hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for macOS Ventura. Some of these shortcuts you can find by just looking at the menu bar of the Applications. But, it’s quite hard to remember all Shortcuts. That’s why we have created a macOS Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts List.

What is Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac?

Keyboard Shortcuts are nothing but certain key combinations. That you can use to do things, that normally required a mouse or trackpad. In these key combinations, one or more modifier keys (Such as Command or Control) and a final key must be pressed simultaneously. Undoubtedly, Keyboard Shortcuts do help to increase productivity.

macOS Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts List

MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts List

Keyboard Shortcuts to Shut Down, Restart, and Sleep Mac

Let’s start with some basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts. That you can use it to Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Log Out from your MacBook. By default, you have to click on the Apple Icon from the upper left corner of the screen to perform these actions.

Note: Restart, Shut down, and Sleep Mode Shortcuts will not work on Touch ID Sensor. This means you cannot use these shortcuts through your built-in MacBook Keyboard.

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Restart MacControl + Command + Power Button / Eject 
Shut Down MacCommand + Option + Control + Power Button / Eject 
Sleep Mode MacCommand + Option + Power Button / Eject 
Log Out from User AccountCommand + Shift + Q
Log Out from User Account without ConfirmationCommand + Shift + Option + Q

Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s now move to the common KeyBoard Shortcuts that we use in our day-to-day life. Like, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Print, and others.

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Select All Items (Text, or Files)Command + A
Cut the Selected Item (Text, or Files)Command + X
Copy the Selected Items (Text, or Files)Command + C
Paste the selected Items (Text, or Files)Command + V
UndoCommand + Z
RedoShift + Command + Z
Open a Find Window to Find Items in a Document or WebpageCommand + F
Find Again or Find the Next occurrence of found itemsCommand + G
Print a DocumentCommand + P
Save a DocumentCommand + S
Hide the Window of the Front Opened App / Hide App from the DockCommand + H
View Front APP and Hide all AppsOption + Command + H
Minimize the Front WindowCommand + M
Minimize all Windows of the Front AppOption + Command + M
Open the Selected ItemCommand + O
Open a new tab (Will work in all browsers)Command + T
Close the Front WindowCommand + W
Close all Windows of the AppOption + Command +W
Force Quite any Mac AppOption + Command + Esc
Open Spotlight SearchCommand + Space Bar
Show the Character Viewer (Emoji)Control + Command + Space Bar
Use any App in Full ScreenControl + Command + F
Quick Look at the Selected ItemsSpacebar
Switch Between AppsCommand + Tab
Switch Between Apps WindowsCommand + Grave accent (`)
Open Settings for the Front AppCommand + Comma (,)
Open Help MenuShift + Command + ?

Screenshot and Screen Recording Shortcuts

Yes, in macOS Ventura you can capture screenshots or record Screens through Keyboard Shortcuts.

Action Keyboard Shortcuts
Capture the Entire Screen (Screenshot)Shift + Command + 3
Capture Specific Selected AreaShift + Command + 4
Screen Capture and Recording ControlsShift + Command + 5

Mac Finder and System Shortcuts

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Create a new FolderShift + Command + N
Create a new Smart FolderOption + Command + N
Create a Duplicate of the Selected FileCommand + D
Eject the selected disk or volumeCommand + E
Start a Spotlight search inside a Finder WindowCommand + F
View the Get Info Window for the Selected FileCommand + I
Show View OptionsCommand + J
Show the Original File of the Selected FileCommand + R
Open the Computer WindowShift + Command + C
Open Desktop FolderShift + Command + D
Open the Recents WindowShift + Command + F
Open the Go to Folder WindowShift + Command + G
Open the Home FolderShift + Command + H
Open iCloud DriveShift + Command + I
Open the Network WindowShift + Command + K
Open the Downloads FolderOption + Command + L
Open the Documents folderShift + Command + O
Show/Hide the Preview PaneShift + Command + P
Show/Hide the SidebarOption + Command + S
Open the AirDrop WindowShift + Command + R
Show or Hide the Tab BarShift + Command + T
Hide/Show the status bar (It also view storage)Command + Slash (/)
Add the selected item to the macOS DockControl + Shift + Command + T
Show or hide the DockOption + Command + D
Add Selected item to the SidebarControl + Command + T
Hide/Show the Path BarOption + Command + P
Open Connect to Server WindowCommand + K
Open the utilities folderShift + Command + U
Make an alias for the selected itemControl + Command + A
Open a new Finder Window (Make sure Finder is Open)Command + N
View the items as Icons in Finder WindowCommand + 1
View the items in the List in Finder WindowCommand + 2
View the items in Columns in Finder WindowCommand + 3
View the items in a gallery in Finder WindowCommand + 4
Show/Hide the Tab Bar when Single Tab is OpenCommand + T
Show/Hide the Toolbar when Single Tab is OpenOption + Command + T
Move Files in the Clipboard from the Original to the Current LocationOption + Command + V
Use Quick Look to Preview Files which is SelectedCommand + Y
View a Quick Look slideshow of files selectedOption + Command + Y
Go to the previous FolderCommand + Left Bracket
Go to the next folderCommand+ Right Bracket
Open the folder which contains the current folderCommand + Up Arrow
Command + Control + Up Arrow
Open the selected itemCommand + Down Arrow
Open the selected Folder (In List View Only)Right Arrow
Close the selected Folder (In List View Only)Left Arrow
Move the selected item to the TrashCommand + Delete
Empty the Trash (Open Bin First to Run Command)Shift + Command + Delete
Empty the Trash without Confirmation (Open Bin First to Run Command)Option + Shift + Command + Delete
Turn video mirroring on or off (When the Secondary Display is Connected)Command + Brightness Down
Open Displays preferencesOption + Brightness Up
Change the Brightness of the External DisplayControl + Brightness Up or Brightness Down
Show Sound SettingsOption + Volume Up

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Most MacBook users do their Work in Safari Web Browser. So, by using these Keyboard Shortcuts you can increase your productivity.

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Open New WindowCommand + N
Open New TabCommand + T
Open New Private WindowShift + Command + N
Reload PageCommand + R
HomeShift + Command + H
Go BackCommand + [
Go ForwardCommand + ]
Add to Bookmark or FavouritesCommand + D
Add to Reading ListShift + Command + D
Show HistoryCommand + Y
Zoom inCommand + +
Zoom OutCommand + –
Tab OverviewShift + Command + \
Show/Hide Favourited BarShift + Command + B
Show Bookmark SidebarsControl + Command + 1
Hide Reading List SIdebarsControl + Command + 2

Mission Control Keyboard Shortcuts

ActionKeyboard Shortcuts
Open Mission ControlControl + Up Arrow Key
Show Apps WindowsControl + Down Arrow Key
Show DesktopFn + F11
Move Between SpacesControl + Left Arrow & Control + Right Arrow
Enlarge Selected Window in Mission ControlSpacebar

So these were the macOS Ventura Keyboard Shortcuts. Yes, there might be some other Keyboard Shortcuts left to mention. We will keep updating the article, you can bookmark this article. And, if you’re a Windows user, then you can check out Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts List.