How to Remove Evaluation Copy Watermark from Windows 11

How to Remove Evaluation Copy Watermark from Windows 11

Microsoft is officially going to release the stable version of Windows 11 on 5 October. Though, you can download Windows 11 ISO File officially by joining Windows Insider Program. If you’re already on Windows Insider dev and beta build. Then, after the recent Windows 11 Insider update, you might have noticed an Evaluation Copy Watermark on Windows 11 desktop. Yes, you can get rid of it. But, first, you need to know why this watermark appears?.

What is the Evaluation Copy Watermark in Windows 11?

Evaluation Copy watermark sits in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop. No worries, your Windows is activated. Evaluation Copy Watermark appears just to tell your current Windows edition and build. Usually, this watermark appears only for beta or dev build users. However, if you’re using Windows 11 developer or beta build on your main machine. Then, definitely, this can be annoying for you

Yes, this watermark was not in the previous Windows build, it appears in the latest build after the update. Windows 11 stable build release date is coming too close. So many users are promoting Windows beta and dev build as the final stable build. That’s why this watermark will help you to identify the Windows version. But, if you still want to remove Evaluation Copy Watermark, then follow these methods.

Remove Evaluation Copy watermark from Windows 11

Just wait for few days

Well, this watermark is not like the “your copy of Windows is not genuine” watermark. Which never goes away. Evaluation Copy watermark just gives information about beta and developer build. And, it automatically goes away after few days. So if you don’t want to use any third-party software to remove it. Then, just wait for few days, and it will get vanished.

Universal Watermark Disabler

Yes, you can remove the evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11 using some registry tweaks. But, there is a simple software named ”Universal Watermark Disabler” available for free. This software alters system files, specifically basebrd.dll.mui and shell32.dll.mui. Such changes are not good for the system. Though I’ve personally tested this software, and it works quite well.

Before continuing this process, make sure you have saved your current work. Because, throughout the process, you have to sign out once.

Note: Please uninstall Universal Watermark Disabler before installing the next Windows 11 Insider Build. Else, you might face some crashes or errors. If you update Windows Insider Builds frequently. Or, auto-updates are enabled, then I suggest you not install UWD.

Download Universal Watermark Disabler

Initially, this app was designed for Windows 10, but it works flawlessly in Windows 11 as well. The application size is just 256.51 Kb, you can download it from the author’s website.

  • UWD supports all Windows 11 Insider Builds.
  • Supports all UI language.
  • It doesn’t modify any system files. (Means does not delete branding strings)
  • It removes almost all kinds of Windows watermarks including evaluation copy Watermark.

Extract Zip File and Run UWD

  1. Once, Universal Watermark Disabler (UWD) zip file gets downloaded. Right-click on it and then click on Extract All.
Extract Universal Watermark Disabler Folder
  1. Extract Folders window will appear, click on Extract. (You can also use other software to extract like 7Zip.
Extract UWD Folder - Remove Evaluation Copy Watermark
  1. Open the extracted UWD folder. And, you will find the UWD application file in it.
  1. Right-Click on the uwd.exe file and then click on “Run as administrator”. UAC window will appear, click on Yes.
Run Universal Watermark Disabler File to remove watermark

Install Universal Watermark Disabler

  1. Once UWD will get open, you will see your currently installed Windows 11 build information. Also, in status, you will see “Ready for Installation” written. Click on the Install button.
Install Universal Watermark Disabler

2. A warning will now appear that will say “you’re going to install on the untested build, continue?”. Click on Yes.

Install untested build to remove evaluation copy watermark windows 11

Your screen will now go black for few seconds.

Sign out and Remove Evaluation Copy Watermark

This application will kill explorer.exe, because of that you will face a crash kinda experience. Start and Taskbar will get disappeared. No worries, it will get back to normal automatically in few seconds.

  1. A warning will now appear that you will be signed out automatically. Save all your work and click on ok. You have to click on ok.
sign out from windows to remove watermark Windows 11
  1. That’s it, you will now be signed out, and once you sign in again, you will notice that watermark is removed.

What to do, if the taskbar and the start button are not appearing?.

  1. If your desktop doesn’t get back to normal automatically even after few minutes. Then, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously. Click on Task Manager.
  1. Task Manager will get open. Click on File > Run new task.
  1. Type explorer.exe in create new task window and click on ok.
  1. That’s it, your desktop will get back to normal and the Evaluation Copy watermark gets removed from your Windows 11.

Uninstall Universal Watermark Disabler

If you’re going to install the latest Windows 11 Insider build and uninstall UWD.

  1. Then, simply run the UWD application again. And, you will see Uninstall option. Click on it.
Uninstall Universal Watermark Disabler
  1. Screen will go black for a second and after that UWD will ask you to sign out. Click on ok.
  1. Once you sign out, sign back it. And, the watermark will get back again. You can now install the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds.
  1. The uninstallation process works in reverse. It will return basebrd.dll.mui and shell32.dll.mui to their normal state.

So that’s how you can remove the evaluation copy watermark from Windows 11. But, it is better to wait for the watermark to go automatically. Because installing UWD after every latest beta and dev build is not a good idea.