Play Desktop Audio Through Mic on Windows 11 – Easiest Ways

Play Desktop Audio Through Mic on Windows 11

Do you know, that you can record your desktop audio without using screen recording software like OBS? Yes, it is possible to play desktop audio through the mic. Playing desktop sound through the mic opens up a world of possibilities. By doing this, you can transcribe YouTube videos. Even, many YouTubers and Gamers do this to play desktop sounds during streaming. Moreover, you can also play music through your mic on various platforms like Discord or In-game.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to download any third-party program to do so. It is quite easy to play desktop audio through your microphone. You just have to configure certain sound settings in Windows 11. Yes, there are some other ways as well. And, in this article, you will find all possible ways to play desktop audio to the microphone.

Play Desktop Audio Through Mic

Method 1: Take the Microphone near to the Speaker

This method may sound humorous. But, if you don’t want to go through some complicated setup process. And, you just need to play desktop audio through Mic to do some tasks. And, if you have a USB plug-and-play headset, then this is the only method that can come in handy. I used this method to do voice typing and transcribe YouTube videos in Google Docs.

Personally, I own a “Redgear USB Gaming Wired Over-Ear Headphones With Mic”. And, it comes with a flexible microphone. This means I can tilt it anywhere as per my need. So, I just tilted it toward the headset speaker and increased the Computer Volume. That’s it, now output volume of computer is going into input through the mic. And, if you know, there are certain extensions available to Increase the Volume of YouTube Videos.

Tilt Headphone Mic near the Headphone Speaker

Moreover, if you notice background sound or any kind of disturbance during this setup. Then, you can use NVIDIA RTX Voice App. This App will remove distracting background noise. And, you can now even install Nvidia RTX Voice on GTX GPUs. This method might not be good when you’re streaming or talking to your friend over discord. This will only help when you want to do voice typing-like tasks. This means, that with this method you can convert audio into text for free. And, as you know, Windows 11 now comes with voice typing (Windows + H keyboard shortcut).

Method 2: Use Stereo Mix

If you have installed the latest Realtek drivers on your Windows 11 PC. And, if your sound card does support audio capture. Then, with the help of Stereo Mix, you can stream desktop audio to the microphone. Stereo Mix is the name given to the output stream. It is also known as a virtual audio device because it combines all channels. Or, we can say it is a mix of all the channels. It allows recording desktop audio through Windows Recorder App. Or, you can combine stereo mix with audacity.

  1. Use Windows search and do Open Control Panel.
  1. In Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound. After that, click on Sound to configure audio devices.
Open Sound Settings on Windows 11
  1. A separate Sound window will get open, click on the Recording tab.
  1. Now, right-click anywhere in the sound window and then make sure, these two options are enabled.
  • Show Disabled Devices
  • Show Disconnected Devices
Show Disabled Devices in Sound Settings
  1. You will now see Stereo Mix in Recording. Do right-click on it and after that click on Enable.
Enable Stereo Mix in Sound Settings Windows 11
  1. Again, right-click on Stereo Mix and select “Set as default device”.
Set Stereo Mix as Default Device

(You can also set Stereo Mix as your default communication device. But, it doesn’t require. )

  1. Now, to rest on whether the stereo mix is working or not. Means, Desktop audio is playing through the mic or not. Do open the Recorder App.
  1. Play something on your computer or from YouTube. Once, video/audio starts playing through desktop speakers/headphones. Click on Record Button in Recorder App.
Select Stereo Mix and Record
  1. And, once desktop audio recording gets completed, stop recording.
  1. Now, play the recorded audio clip. And you will hear whatever you did play on YouTube.

Once you enable Stereo Mix, you can use it to transcribe YouTube videos in Google Docs. Also, don’t forget to disable the stereo mix after you are done with the work.

IMPORTANT: If you’re using a USB Headset that doesn’t require Realtek Audio Drivers. Then, Stereo Mix will now work for you.

Method 3: Use VoiceMeeter with EXP Soundboard

If Stereo Mix isn’t showing in sound settings. Or, if it’s not working properly, then you can use a third-party program. You can use VoiceMeeter with EXP Soundboard to play music through your mic on Windows 11 PC.

Voicemeeter is a Virtual Audio Mixer Windows Application that comes with Virtual Audio Device. That allows you to mix and manage any audio source. So basically you can forward output audio(desktop audio) to the input audio source (mic). But to do so, you need Soundboard App. Because the soundboard app will help to select VoiceMeeter virtual input device as Output.

Note: If you’re not aware of your computer’s basic input/output sound settings. Then, skip this method. Because, if you don’t follow any step correctly then the “no sound” issue might occur.


  • JAVA for Windows (Required to Run EXP Soundboard App)
  • VOICEMEETER Virtual Audio Mixer.
  • EXP Soundboard
  1. First, download and install the latest version of JAVA on your Windows 11 Computer.
  1. Now, download and install VoiceMeeter App on your Computer. You have to restart your computer after installing VoiceMeeter App on your Windows Computer. VoiceMeeter will add a virtual audio device to your sound settings.
VoiceMeeter Output is default Recording Device

Note: After VoiceMeeter app installation no sound issue might occur. So, keep following the next steps.

  1. Now, do download EXP Soundboard App. Since it is a portable app, so no installation is required.
  1. Launch EXP Soundboard App, and then in 1st Output select “VoiceMeeter Input (VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO)”. That’s it, no more changes are required in Soundboard App.
EXP Soundboard App Play Desktop Audio Through Mic
  1. After that, open VoiceMeeter App, and in hardware output do select “WDM: Microphone (Realtek(R) Audio)”
Select Microphone in Hardware Input
  1. Now, in hardware output, do select “WDM: Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)”
Select Realtek Speakers in Hardware Output
  1. That’s it, you have completed the setup process. Now to test if it’s working or not open the Recorder App.
Use Voice Recorder to listen Desktop Audio through Mic
  1. And, do play any sound in Soundboard App. Or, you can simply play a YouTube video in a chrome browser. Once, the sound starts playing hit the record button in Recorder App. And, stop the recording when you have done.

Now, do listen recorded audio clip to check setup is working or not.

Method 4: Play Desktop Audio in Discord

With the help of Stereo Mix, you can play desktop audio in Discord Voice Channels. But, if you want to play music on your discord server, then you can install Rhythm Bot. First, do enable the Stereo Mix by following the second method.

  1. Open the Discord App, and then click on the User Settings (gear) Icon.
  1. Click on “Voice & Video”.
  1. Now, in the Input Device setting, do select the “Stereo Mix (Realtek(R) Audio)” option.
  1. Now, click on “Let’s check”. To test whether your desktop audio is playing through a discord mic or not. (Yes, you have to play something on your computer to test.)
Stereo Mix in Discord to Play Desktop Audio through Mic
  1. Alternatively, you can join a voice channel in your discord server to test.

You can use the same method in other apps as well. You just have to change your input device to Stereo Mix.