How to Install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11 using WSA

How to Install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11 using WSA

YouTube needs no introduction! It’s been a while since YouTube announced premium subscription plans. That comes with ad-free & background play, YouTube music premium, and Downloads. But, in some countries like the US, YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) costs more than Netflix plans. Although, there is an Android app available to watch YouTube videos content ad-free. Yes, for YouTube premium content you still have to pay.

Here, I am talking about YouTube Vanced. It’s like the stock Android YouTube app, but better, since it includes adblocking, swipe controls, true AMOLED dark mode, and a ton more features. But unfortunately, it is not available for Windows OS. Well, no worries, now you can install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11 using Windows Subsystem for Android.

This means you will now be able to enjoy ad-free YouTube content on your Windows PC/Laptop. Okay, so without further delay, let’s start with the installation process.

Note: YouTube Vanced got shut down. So, there are some Apps like YouTube Vanced available, do check them out.

Install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11 using Windows Subsystem for Android

Install Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)

It’s been a few months since Microsoft released Windows Subsystem for Android. WSA lets Windows 11 devices run Android applications. This means you can now run Android applications natively in Windows 11 without installing an emulator. Initially, WSA was only capable of running Android Apps from Amazon Appstore.

But thanks to developers, now you can even install WSA from the Play Store or Aurora Store. Even, you can sideload Android Apps on Windows 11. And, we are going to sideload YouTube Vanced on Windows 11, because it is not available on the Play Store.

There are various ways available to install the Windows Subsystem for Android. But, if you don’t want to indulge yourself in any complicated process. Then, you can read my article on “Install Amazon Appstore on Windows 11“. This article will help you to complete all prerequisites to install Windows Subsystem for Android from Microsoft Store.

Alternative Method: If for some reason, you are not able to Install WSA from Microsoft Store. Then, you can read my article on “Install WSA with Play Store and Magisk“. With this method, instead of Amazon App Store, you will be able to install Play Store. But, we really don’t need the Play Store to Install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11.

Okay, so you can use any of the above-mentioned methods to install WSA on Windows 11. There are some other methods as well, which you can find out on our blog. Once you install WSA successfully, you can follow the next part of the article to sideload YouTube Vanced.

Download Vanced Manager APK.

To install YouTube’s Vanced App. First, you need to install the Vanced Manager App. Which you can download from its official website. Simply use the following link to open the official website of YouTube™ Vanced.

Download YouTube Vanced Manager App

Once the website gets open, simply click on the Vanced Manager download button. And, APK will start downloading.

Install an APK Installer App.

Installing the Windows Subsystem for Android isn’t enough. You need an App to sideload YouTube Vanced. Yes, you can use the ADB method to install Vanced Manager APK. But, let’s make this process easier with WSA Pacman (WSA Package Manager). Alternatively, you can use the WSATools App as well. You can read my article on “Double-click to Sideload Android Apps on Windows 11” to know all methods.

  1. Visit the following link to download the WSA Pacman setup file from GitHub. Download from the Assets Section.
Download WSA Packman Installer File
  1. Once WSA Pacman Installer gets downloaded. Install it in your system.
Install WSA PacMan App
  1. After completing the installation, use Windows search and launch WSA Pacman App.
  1. Now in the WSA Package Manager app, you will see a message that “WSA is turned off”, click on Turn on.
Turn on WSA Package Manager
  1. Wait until you get the “Successfully connected to WSA, all systems go” message.
WSA Package Manager Connected

That’s it, now you can install YouTube Vanced Manager APK.

Install YouTube Vanced Manager APK.

  1. Once, you complete the WSA Pacman setup process using the above-mentioned steps. You can simply right-click on the manager APK and then click on Open.
Open YouTube Vanced Manager APK using WSA Package Manager
  1. Installation window will appear, click on Install.
Install Vanced Manager
  1. You will now get the successfully installed message. Click on Open App.
Open YouTube Vanced Manager
  1. The Vanced Manager App will get open. Click on “let’s get started”.
  1. Next, it will ask you which app you want to install. You can select both apps if you want.
  • YouTube Vanced
  • YouTube Music Vanced
  1. Click on the “Next button >” icon.
Select your apps to install youtube vanced or youtube music vanced
  1. Next it will ask if your device is rooted or not. If you have installed WSA with magisk. Then, you can grant root permissions. Else, you can click on non-root. (An article to install WSA with Magisk is available on our blog.)
Grant Vanced Manager root permission
  1. That’s it, the Vanced Manager home screen will get open. Click on YouTube Vanced. Click on the Download icon. (If nothing happens after you click on the download icon, do close and re-open the App.)
Download and Install YouTube Vanced
  1. YouTube Vanced Installation Preferences screen will appear. You can choose them and the language if you want. Else, click on Install.
Install Vanced Installation Preferences - Install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11
  1. That’s it, YouTube Vanced app will now get downloaded and get installed. Simply click on the app launch icon.
Open YouTube Vanced App after installing on Windows 11

Or, you can use Windows search to open YouTube Vanced App.

  1. YouTube Vanced App will appear and SponsorBlock popup will appear. Click on Enable.
  1. Next, you can enable the “Return YouTube Dislike” feature.
  1. That’s it, you can now watch ad-free content on this App. Yes, login might not work. And, we also suggest you not log in due to account safety purposes.
YouTube Vanced App Installed on Windows 11 PC
  1. Once, you play a video on full screen. You can press the F11 key to hide/unhide the Windows Taskbar. Also, you have to manage system audio to change YouTube Vanced Volume. Windows 11 Volume Mixer also can be helpful.

Okay, so that’s how you can install YouTube Vanced on Windows 11 using Windows Subsystem for Android. No more need to launch an emulator to access Android apps. You can simply use the Windows App menu to open Android apps easily. If you face any trouble with the installation process, let me know in the comment section. I will try to help as much as possible.