How to Generate a QR code on iPhone QR Code Generator

How to Generate a QR code on iPhone QR Code Generator

Wants to generate QR Code on iPhone without installing any third-party App? This article will help you to create your own QR Code Generator using Shortcuts App with just a few taps.

QR codes are the best way if you want to share information like website URLs, phone numbers, or up to 4000 characters of text. Even, you can also use QR codes to share links to an App from Apple App Store or Play Store. Even, iPhone comes with a QR Code Scanner. You can add it in Control Centre, by going into Settings > Control Centre > Code Scanner. Even, iOS 16/17 users can now detect QR codes from images in Photos App. Overall, you don’t need third-party apps to scan QR codes on iOS devices. Although, on iPhone/iPad, there isn’t a direct option or app available to generate QR codes. And of course, using third-party websites or apps can void privacy. However, now you can easily generate a QR code on your iPhone, even when you’re offline.

Create a QR Code Generator using Shortcuts App on iPhone.

Shortcuts App in iOS is powerful more than you think. And, Apple is bringing it to its all devices. It works similarly to the “IFTTT – automation & workflow” App. Although, Shortcuts App comes pre-installed on iOS devices. Yes, with Shortcuts App you can create a fully working QR code generator. That will ask you to enter QR code data on a single tap. And, will generate a QR code within a second. Moreover, you will be able to save QR Code images in Photos or Files App or can directly share via social media apps. Here’s how to generate a QR Code on your iPhone/iPad.

Create iPhone QR Code Generator.

  1. Open the preinstalled Shortcuts App on your iPhone/iPad.
Open Shortcuts App
  1. Once Shortcuts App gets open, tap on the “+” Icon.
Create Shortcut in Shortcuts App
  1. Now type “QR Code Generator” in the Shortcuts Name section. You can give any name to the Shortcut.
  1. Tap on Shortcut Icon, and, first, select Shortcut Colour. After that, tap on Glyph, and select QR Code Icon. Tap on Done.
  1. After giving the shortcuts name and customizing icon, tap “Add Action”.
QR Code Generator Name and Icon - Add Action
  1. Search for Ask, and select the “Ask for Input” option from the search results.
Ask For Input - QR Code Generator
  1. Tap on the search field again from the bottom. And, type QR this time. From the search results, choose the “Generate QR Code” option.
Generate QR Code Shortcuts App
  1. One more time, tap on the search field and type Share. And, select the Share option from the search results.
Create and share QR Code iPhone
  1. Now save this shortcut, by tapping on the “x” icon.
Save QR Code Generator Shortcuts
  1. That’s it, you have successfully created a QR Code Scanner, and now you can generate a QR code with it. This Shortcut basically first asks for your input after that, it does generate a QR Code of it. And, show you a share screen to save or share QR Images.
Generate a QR code on iPhone using QR Code Generator

Generate a QR Code on iPhone.

  1. To Generate a QR Code, tap on the Shortcut you created.
  1. The shortcut will now ask for text on which you want to create QR. Type any URL, Phone Number, App link, or text in it. Tap on Done.
Enter Script to Generate QR Code
  1. That’s it, QR Code Image will get generated in PNG Image Format. And, a share screen will now appear.
  1. Tap on “Save Image” to save the QR Code image in Photos App.
Save QR Code Image in iPhone

Alternatively, you can share QR codes directly to social media apps that you’ve installed on your iPhone.

Add QR Code Generator Widget to your Home Screen.

Yes, It is possible to add a QR Code Scanner shortcut to the home screen. So that, you don’t have to open Shortcuts App again and again.

  1. Simply Long Press on the Home Screen and tap on the “+” Icon.
  1. Widgets list will appear, scroll, and select Shortcuts App.
  1. After that, select QR Code Generator from the Shortcuts List.
  1. And, Tap on “Add Widget”.
Add QR Code Generator Widget to iPhone Home Screen
  1. That’s it, now you can quickly access QR Code Generator and can Generate QR Codes even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Also, you can ask Siri to Run this Shortcut that you’ve created. QR Code makes it easy to share information with just a scan. And, this iPhone QR Code Generator will help you to share valuable information easily.